Audio, Camera & Video Batteries

Battery Depot stocks powerful batteries to support all your audio and video battery needs. From primary batteries for remote controls to rechargeable lithium ion batteries for action cameras we have all types of A/V related batteries in stock and many many more availble to order.  

Other A/V applications include noise cancelling microphones, HDV, wireless microphones, in ear monitors, portable LED lighting for photography and stage, digital video recorders, communications systems, hearing assistance devices,  and many others.

We stock Duracell alkaline and rechargeable batteries, Energizer carbon zinc, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries, and our own private label batteries for many of these rechargeable applications.    

FAQ - Audio, Camera & Video Batteries

Can you get Go Pro batteries?
Yes, we can.  One of our primary suppliers offers a variety of batteries for Go Pros.  Let us know which system you have and we will give you all the options available to us.

Do you offer any special pricing for bulk alkaline purchases?
We stock Duracell and Energizer alkaline batteries in small quantities and in bulk case quantities.  We can certainly offer special pricing on large volume purchases.

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