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Aside from carrying the largest assortment of batteries in North-East Florida, we are also licensed to carry some phenomenal brands such as Pelican, Kodak and Portable Kitchen!

Pelican Elite Coolers are built to be the best cooler in the world. With decades of experience equipping our military with heavy-duty cases for all kinds of valuable products, Pelican developed an American made cooler with insulation that keeps ice up to 10 days! On top of that, their coolers feature enforced locking latches (no rubber straps!), durable wheels and much more. With the thickest wall insulation, a Pelican cooler can sit in the blazing Florida sun and still keep ice cold!

Plus, all coolers are guaranteed for life!     

Along with the coolers, we are carrying LED light bulbs. Did you know that switching to all LED bulbs could save you upwards of 90% off your electric bill for your house lights? Our Kodak LED light bulbs average 7-10 W compared to a regular light bulb that pulls between 75-150 W, all this without compromising the quality of your light. Same shine, less money! Come by and see what we have today!

We are also a licensed PK grill dealer. This American made, all aluminum shell, rustproof grill and smoker is made to last forever! This is the grill that your grandfather used when he smoked his famous ribs before football games!

These are just some of the handpicked items that we are able to offer you. Swing by our store and take a look today!

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