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At Battery Depot we live by our motto “for all your battery needs.”  We are now offering you the next generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries.  Upgrading to a lithium battery will significantly reduce your weight by as much as 50%, as well as offer nearly 10x the cycle life!

The average deep-cycle lead-acid battery will last for around 300 cycles at an 80% depth of discharge, while standard AGM batteries average around 550 cycles.  Our lithium batteries are built to withstand 2000 cycles at the same depth of discharge AND still have 80% of its capacity remaining. See the chart for examples of cycles vs depth of discharge.

Lithium batteries have a reputation in regards to safety; however, much of this reputation is unfounded and based on different chemistry of lithium batteries entirely.  Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are stable and safe when used properly.  Every ReLiON battery that we carry has a built in power control module (PCM/BMS) that regulates and protects the battery.  If your charger goes bad and starts pushing 5000 amps into the battery, the board will put the battery into sleep mode.  The module protects from excessive discharge current, over-charge current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over temperature, and short circuit.  Everything about our ReLiON batteries is safe and reliable.  ReLiON's cells are UL1642 certified and have been tested per IEC32133 standards.  The battery modules are UN38.3 certified.

Over a ReLiON lithium battery's lifespan, the cost per cycle is averaging around $0.25, while a premium AGM battery is averaging $1.05.  Investing in a set of lithium batteries will not only increase your battery experience; it will also save you money.

Another advantage with the ReLiON lithium battery is the constant discharge voltage. When discharging a lithium battery, the battery will hold its voltage (relative to the load applied) and maintain that voltage for the majority of the discharge cycle. Lead-acid batteries ( flooded, GEL, AGM) will constantly drop in voltage during discharge, making the equipment "run harder."  When voltage drops, the required amperes goes up.  Since lithium batteries maintain their output voltage until nearly the end of the cycle the amperage draw from the battery will be less than that of a lead acid battery under the same test over the same relative period.  

It is importatnt to verify all your charging and discharging parameters are within the specifications of the battery.  Charging sources need to be set or regulated to approved voltage and current ratings.  Loads need to be verified for compatibility with PCM/BMS specificiations.  We at Battery Depot can help you figure all that out! We even carry lithium approved chargers from Powermania, Dual Pro, Noco, and Victron Energy as well as MPPTs, charge regulators, and other lithium compatible devices. 

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