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Powermania Chargers

We are proud to be an official reseller of the new Powermania Marine Charger.  This charger is OEM with several boat manufacturers including Yellowfin!

One of the main reasons to choose the Powermania MV2 charger is its ability to charge completely depleted batteries, even if the battery is at 0V. This is the only charger in its class that can do that. Another advantage with the charger is the small, waterproof case, making it easy to install anywhere.

Powermania is one of the few brands of chargers that both NorthStar and Odyssey approve of for their advanced AGM batteries! Having this certification alone makes it an extremely desirable product!The Turbo MV2 can also eliminate voltage drop. When your boat is docked, chances are you may have a long extension cord running to your charger. If so, more than likely your charger isn’t getting the full 110v that it should be. But, this charger is built to perform at 100% efficiency at 90v!  Most chargers will drop in performance, leading to increased charging time.

Adaptive loading is a significant feature on the MV2 charger which provides the battery with the lowest voltage to receive higher current than the others, leading to less charge time.

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