Cell Phone Batteries

For over a decade Battery Depot has been the low cost quality alternative when it comes to replacing your cellular phone battery.  We have access to almost all external batteries for current and older model cell phones.  We stock hundreds of cell phone batteries and can order hundreds of others.  With the cost of phones increasing and contract terms getting longer and longer it makes financial sense to replace your cell phone battery.  All of our batteries come with a year warranty supported locally by us.  You don’t have to worry about sending your battery off and waiting for a replacement.  In the rare case an issue arises we will take care of it locally.

In addition to batteries we also have chargers and accessories for cellular phones.  We stock wall chargers, car chargers, USB backup and portable battery packs for charging phones and tablets, kits that include portable power packs and solar chargers for those off the grid camping or hiking even USB cables for iOS, Android, and blackberry devices.  New items are coming out all the time and we are constantly adding items to our inventory that we think help consumers live a digital lifestyle.

Battery Depot also stocks cordless phone batteries.  They are typically easy to replace and far more cost effective to replace the batteries than to replace the whole phone system.

FAQ - Cell Phone Batteries

I still have an older model flip phone.  Do you think you have a battery for it?
Most likely we do!  Some of the most rugged phones were from the pre-smart phone era and there are still many of these type phones in circulation.  We will be happy to assist.

Do you replace internal batteries in Apple devices or tablets?
No, we do not disassemble phones or tablets to replace batteries.  In many cases we can provide the battery but do not replace them.

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