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Battery Depot stocks a variety of heavy duty batteries for applications that demand powerful performance. Semi-trucks, buses, motor coaches, cranes, backhoes, front end loaders, diesel equipment, cargo ships, dump trucks, auxiliary power units, large scale generators, farm equipment, and many other commercial and industrial applications all fall within this category. We stock heavy duty batteries for all these applications. From group 31s to the large 8D sized batteries all are in stock and available in most cases in multiple strengths and chemistries to ensure we can offer the best battery option for your need! Cross Country, AC Delco, East Penn, and Northstar are our primary brands and are brands with some of the best power and warranty ratings in the industry. Advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries from Northstar lead the industry in both power and warranty. The power requirements of today’s heavy duty equipment have changed. We will help you understand your application and assist in selecting the best battery option for your needs. Our goal is to get you the right battery for the right application, so you can get to work and get the job done.

FAQ - Commercial Batteries

What’s the warranty on your semi-truck batteries?
The warranties vary by brand from 12 months free replacement for defects in materials or craftsmanship all the way up to 4 years replacement!

What’s the best battery for my semi-truck?
The best battery depends on your truck, where you drive, and what electrical accessories you may have hooked up to your batteries.  We will discuss all the options based on how you use your truck and come up with a couple battery options that meet the requirements.

Why aren’t my batteries lasting very long in my commercial equipment?
This question can sometimes be difficult to answer; however, usually we find that customers with premature battery failure may benefit from using a more appropriate rated battery to start with, adding a secondary charging source to maintain the battery during periods of no or minimal usage, and/or switching to a battery chemistry designed for their application.

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