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When you need a battery for an electronic device for your home or office or home office, Battery Depot has you covered.  We stock all the common and many hard to find batteries for calculators, laser pointers, wireless keyboards and mice, remote controls, keylocks, automation systems, keyless entry, security equipment from main panel to glass break detectors, UPS systems,  cordless phones, cellular phones, laptops, computer PLCs, memory backup, and the list goes on and on.  We specialize in small batteries for these types of applications.

Did you know if your office has automatic flushing urinals they likely have batteries in them?  We can supply you those batteries when they are up for replacement, so you can save your company money.  Same is true for many different office devices!  Don’t throw out those UPS backup systems when they start beeping at you, have the batteries checked and replace them if they are bad!

For the home Battery Depot has all the alkaline batteries for remotes and kids toys that you can imagine.  We also stock or can get batteries for consumer electronics such as handheld gaming systems, camcorders and digital cameras, phone systems, key fobs, and so much more… basically, if it takes a battery we either have it or can get it the vast majority of the time! 

FAQ - Home & Office Batteries

Can you help with the batteries in my computer backup UPS?
We have a couple of options for you when it comes to backup UPS systems.  First, if you want to bring the unit in to us, we can remove the old batteries, test them, and then replace the old batteries with new batteries.  The second option is for us to supply you the batteries and you replace the batteries in your system.

I have a device in my office that takes small circular batteries.  What are they, and do you have them?
They are typically called coin cell batteries or button batteries, and they come in a variety of sizes.  We have thousands of them in stock and probably have what you need.  What can be confusing about some of these batteries is that different manufacturers use different part numbers for the same battery.  This can make identification a bit confusing at times.  Give us a call and we will match up your battery to a replacement battery. 


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