Lawn & Garden Batteries

From electric power tools to zero turn riding lawn mowers, Battery Depot has you covered for all your lawn and garden battery needs.  We stock the common U1 group size battery typically found in riding and zero turn mowers as well as the smaller flooded and even sealed batteries for electric mowers and handheld tools such as weed eaters, trimmers, and blowers.  For the larger farm type equipment we have you covered there too!  Battery Depot stocks all the common starting batteries for modern farm equipment as well as batteries for your “vintage” equipment. 

Lawn and Garden batteries come in many shapes and sizes depending on the application.  Electric tools tend to require sealed batteries in singular or pack formations while larger mowers require heavier duty batteries for starting gas or diesel engines.  With additional electronics being added to today’s riding mowers, it’s imperative to replace your original equipment battery with an aftermarket battery of equal or stronger capacity.  In many cases Battery Depot can provide an upgrade in capacity over the original battery or battery pack.

Custom solutions:  In the event of a less common piece of equipment, we can usually build a customer battery pack to fit the needs of the equipment.  If you are having a hard time finding a replacement battery or battery pack, bring the unit by and we will see if we can create a custom solution for you!

FAQ - Lawn & Garden Batteries

Do I need to do anything with my lawn mower battery during fall and winter or can I just let it sit?
No, you do not want to “just let it sit” and you DO need to take preventative measures to ensure your battery will be ready to go when the grass starts growing again.  Batteries will self-discharge over time when sitting without charge and may actually be discharging in your equipment if any electronics have stay “on.”  You can mitigate these drains and maintain the battery by installing a charger/maintainer.  These units are small and inexpensive but will prolong the life of your lawn mower battery by keeping it charged during the offseason months.  It is also important to make sure you store your batteries fully charged to minimize plate sulfation during storage.

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