Power Sport Batteries

Whether you need a battery for a scooter, jet ski, motorcycle, ATV, or even a snow mobile :-) we have the battery in stock at Battery Depot.  We stock all the classic 6 and 12 volt conventional batteries for vintage powersport applications but also stock AGM (sealed) batteries for most applications.  If you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle we have the original equipment style, USA made, sealed battery for your bike!

Our primary brands are PowerSonic and Deka, but we also stock other brands including Odyssey, Leoch, Yuasa, AC Delco, and others depending on the size and type of battery.  If you are having a hard time finding a battery for your powersport application give us a call and let us see if we can help find a solution for you!  

Besides decades of experience in the industry we also have cross references to help look up the correct battery for your application.  To look up a battery for you, we just need the year, make, model, and CC rating of your application, and we can cross it over and provide options.  Below you will find some of the most common battery types for typical powersports applications.

Jet Skis:

  • 16CL-B
  • ETX16L
  • 20L-BS
  • ETX20L
  • 30CL-B
  • 30L-BS
  • ETX30L


  • 14-BS
  • ETX14
  • 14L-BS
  • ETX14L
  • 20-BS
  • 20L-BS
  • ETX20L
  • 50N18L-A3
  • ETX18L
  • 16BS-1
  • PTZ10S
  • PTZ12S
  • PT14B-4


  • 12-BS
  • 14-BS
  • 14AH-BS
  • 14AHL-BS
  • ETX15
  • 20-BS
  • 12N14-3A


  • 4L-BS
  • 5L-BS
  • 7A-BS
  • 9-BS
  • 12-BS
  • PTZ5S
  • PTZ10S

For the ultra demanding applications we stock the Odyssey PC line of powersport batteries!  These pure lead plate batteries provide incredible cranking capacity during engine start and are backed with an industry leading warranty!

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like us to look up a battery for you.

FAQ - Power Sport Batteries

If this battery is a sealed battery why does it have an acid pack with it?
Many of the batteries we stock are sealed batteries that come with acid packs.  These batteries are typically noted with a suffix in the model number of -BS.  The -BS series batteries come with a prefilled acid pack that contains the exact amount of acid the battery needs.  When the acid is added to the battery it then absorbs and the battery can be sealed with the provided top sealing strip thus the battery has become a sealed battery.  We stock many batteries this way as it allows us to control when the battery is activated.  We prefer to give our customers a fresh, ready to go, battery vs one that has been filled and has been sitting in a warehoue for months discharging or sulfating.  Filling the batteries upon order allows us to give you the freshest product possible which in turn will give you the best battery life!

Everytime I take my Jet Ski out to ride it won't start, even with a new battery.  What's going on?
Jet Skis are notorious for having parasitic drains.  These small electrical loads discharge batteries over time and can do so to the point that your engine may not start when you try to fire it up.  The best way to combat this issue is to purchase and install a battery maintainer for your ski.  A battery maintainer is a small automatic battery charger that will keep your battery charged up and negate most parasitic drains, thus extending the life of your battery and ensuring you have 100% battery capacity when you take your ski to the dock.

Do you have chargers/maintainers that can handle more than one bike or ski?
We do!  We stock the Noco Genius series and they have a couple of different multi-bank chargers/maintainers that are perfect for keeping multiple items charged at the same time.

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